All About Consignment

Do you have something you don’t wear? Did someone give you something, or leave you something, you don’t need? Do you want to sell an unused piece to buy something else? All of these are good reasons to think about consigning your jewelry with J. E. Heaton Jewelers.

For 5 ½ years we had a store located in Millbrook, New York where we specialized in consigned jewelry. In fact, we had six very full cases.   We closed shop and moved due to a change in my husband’s job. What next? J. E. Heaton Jewelers on line!

A word about consignment: when done properly, it benefits us all. You get to sell an item, a customer gets a quality piece at a great price, and I get to showcase it and sell it on our website.   Please don’t scrap your jewelry, look at consignment first. You’ll receive more for your item.

How Does Consignment Work?

1) Complete the on line Consignment Form. (navigate to form)

2) A shipping label will be emailed to you after your Consignment Form has been reviewed. For information on shipping, please refer to Shipping/Insurance Instructions. (navigate to page) 

As an option, meeting personally might be possible. Please contact me via email to make arrangements. My email is joyce(AT)

3) When I receive your package, I’ll email you a confirmation. 

4) We’ll evaluate each piece using industry guides to the determine the market value. You’ll receive a spreadsheet listing your items, detailing any condition issues, the amount for which they will be listed for sale, and the amount you’ll receive once your item sells. (We refer to this as the “guarantee price”). 

Time has shown us that listing your item as realistically as possible from the beginning is the best possible approach.

5) We’ll wait to hear back from you. If you decide to proceed, we’ll inventory your items and start the process of marketing them on our website. If you decide not to consign, your items will be mailed back to you. You’re under no obligation.

6) Once your item sells, a check will be issued to you 30 days following the sale.

Consign your jewelry

How Long Does It Take?

It’s difficult to predict when a piece will sell. Keep in mind that the uniqueness of the jewelry, price range, and time of year are all factors to consider.   Generally, the more realistically it’s priced, the easier it is to sell.  

Can I Get My Jewelry Back?

Have a change of heart? Email us and we’ll get your items back to you. Our goal is to mail them back to you within three days.

Are My Items Safe?

Every item will be insured under our policy with Jeweler’s Mutual insurance at the “guarantee price”.