J.E. Heaton Jewelers, Inc. was established in 2012 by Joyce Heaton, an Accredited Jewelry Professional (GIA). Her vision is to bring her love of jewelry to others. “Not only is a fine piece of jewelry a good investment, it’s ‘wearable art’. Its beauty and uniqueness speak volumes for how we feel about ourselves, and those we love. It binds us together during life’s most special moments.”

JE Heaton Jewelers Millbrook Location

History of Our Millbrook Store

We opened our doors in August, 2012 in the bucolic village of Millbrook, New York. Joyce was assisted (in every way) by Ann Barton, who, as a consultant, was involved in all aspects of the business. We were also fortunate to have the amazing services of an experienced bench jeweler, Glenn Stingel.


We worked side-by-side for five and a half years and built friendships with a great many wonderful customers. Sadly, we closed the doors on our “brick and mortar” store early in 2018, when Joyce relocated to Maine.


While in Maine, Joyce focused on building an online store whose primary focus is consignment jewelry. Hence, our new website where you can purchase  items on line.

Update:  As of 11/19, we have returned to Millbrook (for at least part of the year).   J. E. Heaton Jewelers now has a space at:

The Millbrook Antique Center, 3283 Franklin Ave, Millbrook, NY.  Please check the banner on the top of our home page for days and hours.