Testimonial: Lyn T. from NY

Our Customers

There’s no place I miss more in Millbrook than Heaton Jewelers.  We discovered them when they first opened and were thrilled since we are big vintage jewelry fans.  Over the years they were in town, we got to know Joyce and Ann and enjoyed their conversation and their expertise.
My partner Charlie loves to buy jewelry and often had a better eye than I did for what was unique in Heaton’s collection.  We purchased many pieces. Among these are two rings which I wear every day.
I also bought pieces for my daughter there.  The services they provided in cleaning, altering and fixing were like none I’d ever known.
I had a few pieces on consignment with Joyce and was always pleased when something sold.
I have nothing but the highest praise for Heaton and wish they were back. I’ll take virtual, but I surely miss Joyce and her team in person.
Lyn T.

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