A Memory from 1972

Asian Inspired Dragon Bracelet

I run my fingers over the finely casted bracelet. An Asian inspired dragon made of warm yellow gold links, accented with a small diamond and ruby, circa 1910. My mother bought it the previous night at Cal Smith's Auctions in Pleasant Valley. I was sixteen at the time and when we looked at it together, I felt our shared admiration for the artistry of the piece. I am honored to have that bracelet today.

Duchess County Logo

Thank you, Mom, for inspiring me with your love of theater, art, and jewelry. I'm sorry for never telling you how I laughed seeing you as the Pockets character to introduce children's plays or how much I respected your educational accomplishments - attempting law school in the 1940's before becoming pregnant, or how proud I am of the community projects you spearheaded, most notably the formation of the Dutchess County Arts Council.

Happy Mothers Day

I know you squeezed all this in while raising four children and a husband. You gave us the freedom to grow by making our own decisions (some good, more bad). As an only child, your greatest hope was that my siblings and I would be there for each other, something you didn't have. This has been the greatest gift of all. I have three siblings who embody the spirit of our parents and to whom I turn for advice, comfort, and counsel. And yes, they're darn good customers, too.

Happy Mother's Day to us all, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends.




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