Have something you simply don’t wear? Would you like to upgrade to a larger stone? How about selling an unused piece to purchase something else? All of these are good reasons to think about consigning your jewelry with J. E. Heaton Jewelers located in the heart of the Hudson Valley .

How Does Consignment Work?

If you have multiple items, it’s helpful to call us at (845) 677-1500 to set up an appointment. Please bring in your fine jewelry and any applicable paperwork (i.e., receipts or appraisals).

We’ll evaluate each piece of jewelry using industry guides to determine the value, treating you as a dealer.

We’ll set a price we can guarantee. If acceptable, a contract is created and signed.

How long does it usually take?

After cleaning and polishing, a stock number is assigned and your items are added to our inventory.

It is very difficult to predict when your piece will sell. Keep in mind that the uniqueness of the jewelry, price range, and time of the year are all factors to consider. Have patience, we will work hard for you!

Once your items sells, we will issue a check within 30 days of the sale.

Can I pick up my Jewelry?

Had a change of heart?  You may pick up your jewelry at any time.

Is it Safe?

All consigned items are insured through our policy with Chubb Insurance.

An Alternative to Consignment:

Because jewelry can have such an emotional attachment, you may have a difficult time parting with your jewelry. Another alternative to consigning your jewelry is to have the piece redesigned into something that will help you preserve the memories and keep the jewelry in your collection.  We can help you through the process.